Review of Flash Game: Paper Cannon 2

Angry Birds without the birds, the green pigs, and the slingshot cannon! More violence and one-eyed pink and green alien bunnies or, as the game refers to them, “creatures”. The twist is you can’t blow up the innocents or the pink alien bunnies as your cannonball flies over and bounces off the roughly drawn obstacles. These aliens are your friends. The greens ones are infected and must be eliminated; green fluff and all. When you shoot them, they delightfully explode with a flying eye and fluff-filled bang.

The graphics help to set the game apart from similar games. Everything is sketched with blue ink, and the only things in colour are the platforms that move when force is applied; the aliens and the cannonballs. Despite having infinite ammunition, the game gets harder with each level as the pink creatures constantly place themselves in harm’s way.

The controls are simple. They are even simpler than Paper Cannon 1 if you have played that on easy. Just move the mouse to aim and then click to shoot. With enough force, the cannon bounces around the screen like a rogue pinball until it explodes. The whole game is easier than Paper Cannon 1, which could be considered a good thing. There are also no moving platforms in the early levels. This gives you more of a feel of working with the weapon. Too often games throw players in at the deep end which leaves them unable to fully understand the more complex parts later on in the game as they haven’t had a chance to master the basics.

The only negative aspect of the game is the walkthrough which is located in the toolbar. This shows you a video of every shot you need to make. When you get stuck, which you eventually will, it just feels like cheating. Since the walkthrough is linked to the game, perhaps it could be replaced with tips or something less revealing. The walkthrough isn’t any help if you are playing on hard.

Tips for beating the game:

Remember, even though you have an endless arsenal of cannons, with each shot fired your score decreases.
If playing on easy, the closer the mouse is to the cannon the less force it will shoot with. Likewise the farther the mouse is away from the cannon, the more force it shoots with. Keep this in mind when aiming for the bunnies.
If playing on hard, the longer the left mouse button is held down the more force the cannon will be shot with. Practice this in the early levels while the game is still easy.
You can bounce the cannon balls off each other.
Since the score decreases with each shot, it is good to consider restarting when you figure out your shots to save points or even going back and replaying a level while it is still fresh in your mind.

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Don’t Get Cannon EOS Rebel ‘Till You Read This

Finding its way back to the game, Cannon launched another beautiful digital camera that had no other option but to shut critics up. What is the model I’m talking about? It’s called nothing other than the beautiful and stylish EOS 300D Cannon EOS Rebel. This camera right here is the definition of upcoming digital cameras and is just right for every digital camera user. Whether you’re just starting to appreciate cameras or if you’ve been in this business for quite a while, I’m sure this digital camera right here will be of fantastic use to you. The Cannon EOS Rebel is a single-lens reflex camera and is 6. 3 megapixels. Fantastic technical specs aside, this camera is very price friendly to any person who desires to own their own personal camera.

The actual aspects of this digital camera are a bit straight forward when looking at in on your hands. The camera buttons are placed in regular positions for easy handling and it also consists of some high and low tech functions. The buttons on the camera offer you a large amount of unique alternatives from more recent ones to old ones. The zoom lens are considered a big marketing point for this camera to a lot of people. For starters you are able change the lens to whatever you want if you feel the need to. The EF-S 18-55mm zoom built on this camera rocks!. It enables you to have clear and precise pictures with an outstanding minimum of 4 inches in distance.

The camera was put to the test in numerous surroundings such as day, night, bad weather, shine and every other feasible scenario you can imagine. It exceeded expectation and progressed the lens are able to capture beautiful scenery pictures which some other digital camera’s tend to faulter. Besides the obvious fact that it will capture landscape images, it all came out sparkling clear and has the capacity to zoom in in case you will need something much more close up as it’s far away.

This camera is designed with such a flawless focus system that it is able to capture wild life photographs of animals even while they are on the move. It has the ability to grasp the object or animal quickly resulting in great shots while in motion. For any of you that like taking close up photos with animals and individuals, the EF-S 1855mm will be able to produce great shots. Go on and get near that baby kitten of yours with those beautiful eyes and take a shot real quick. Even though this lens just isn’t ideal for capturing little objects, they complete the job with close up shots.

These are just a handful of things this particular digital camera provides. Most of the world’s population really can’t afford to spend a lot on camera’s, but this one comes at a very decent price as some of the features on this baby are found only on those expensive and over priced models. In addition, it has a handy quick sleep option for people that forget to turn the camera off after using it. It doesn’t matter if you’re an expert or a newbie, the Canon 300D is an excellent camera as you surely get value for your dollar. Just enjoy the clear images this camera delivers with an outstanding lens and great functions.

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